Case Study

Midwest Vein Care Medical Spa

Digital Strategy | Graphic Design | Social Media Marketing


About Midwest Vein Care.

Midwest Vein Care (MVC) is a medical spa located in Chesterfield, Missouri, founded in 1996 by Dr. William Goldstein. MVC was created with a mission to provide premier medical spa services to customers without sacrificing care and comfort.


Who are our customers?

With any new design or marketing initiative, the creatives need to understand the audience that they, well, will be creating for. But customer personas are bigger than giving a stock photo a cute first and last name. (Yes you Mary Marketer). Who are the customers MVC really wants, and how can we get their attention?

How can we better engage with our following?

The age-old marketing question: How can we better engage with our following? Sure, you can throw a giveaway or two on your page and get great results, but how can we consistently craft content for MVC’s audience so they spend their time looking for their content in particular?

How can we give our business an identity?

Social media posts, print media in the spa, and copy on the website weren’t matching up. To maintain brand cohesiveness on all platforms and applications, we needed to create a design and content system so anyone that is called upon to create content for them can maintain the same brand tone, voice, look, and feel.


Better targeting.

We created user personas that helped us set up and create content for our paid and organic creative campaigns on social media. In our month-to-month meetings, we went over and updated persona behaviors, needs/wants, and transactional metrics to optimize campaigns.

Fun and informative posts.

Instead of showing before and after pictures and throwing up a random post for National Shoe Day, we set out to create fun and informative posts that would engage with and grow the audience MVC had on social media. Posts were regularly scheduled week-to-week at recurring dates and times so followers didn’t have to guess when content would be posted on social media. A big hit was our #MVCSkinCareTip.

110% increase in organic reach.

When we walked through the discovery, research, and digital strategy process with MVC, getting people to notice who they were on social media was really important to them. From our initial social media post going up to 3 months later, organic reach increased 110% from what it was before we started.

168% increase in organic impressions.

Along with how many people the posts actually reached, we wanted to also track how many times, in total, posts were being viewed. At the same time we saw an increase in organic reach, organic impressions increased by 168%.

Campaigns that convert(ed).

The first campaign we ran for MVC was based upon testimonials previous customers left on Facebook, Google, and Yelp. Over 4% of the total reach for this campaign landed on their homepage to learn more about MVC and the services they offer.

Right after the testimonials campaign, we created a Valentine’s Day campaign that could get people in the door. Using their most popular products and services to our advantage, we created a carousel Facebook and Instagram campaign that could book appointments all at the touch of a button.