Case Study


Branding | Digital Strategy | Web Design


About Opti-Portal.

Opti-Portal is an information technology start-up based in St. Louis, Missouri. Opti-Portal was created to provide a personalized way to share files via cloud based applications.


How can we get our brand to feel like a tech company?

Since Opti-Portal is a start-up, there wasn’t any prior brand history to research or old logos to get inspiration from. Since we couldn’t take that approach this time around, we had to find a way to make Opti-Portal what they are right from the beginning. A tech company.

How can we be different from the rest?

It’s easy to go into a branding project for a tech start-up and go with what the crowd is doing, but we didn’t want to do that. We had to find a way to create Opti-Portal with enough familiarity that people could see it as a tech company upon first glance, but be different enough that it wasn’t discounted as ‘just another one of those'.


A logo with the feel they wanted.

We created a logo that utilizes negative space to create the tech company feel Opti-Portal was looking for. Pairing the logo’s sharp corners and exaggerated arches with a drastic, zoomed-in feel made the perfect match with a cool color palette. More on the colors in a second.

An identity designed to match who they are.

We had to find a color palette and a font that could match Opti-Portal’s new brand identity. The main color, a cool and soft blue, is showcased exclusively with the logo while using pure black and white for various applications. A font that we found matched well with the logo’s sharp corners and exaggerated arches is, of course, the one and only Proxima Nova.





A website that can get the job done.

We designed and built a custom website for Opti-Portal that could get the job done even when they weren’t open. Our two areas of focus for the website were taking their now new brand identity and connecting it to a web experience, and creating a seamless way for customers to learn more about what they do and directly contact them.