Case Study

The Saunders Company

Branding | Graphic Design | Digital Strategy


About The Saunders Company.

The Saunders Company, LLC (TSC) was founded in October of 1998 by David Saunders. TSC was created to meet paper needs quickly, at competitive prices, and to give customers a wide range of products for various different applications.


How can we make things easier for us?

Before contacting us, TSC was taking every customer order over the phone. Since orders were starting to pile up, we needed to find a solution that could automate part of their sales process to increase new business opportunities and free-up more time.

Will people forget who we are?

When a big change in a business’ identity happens, it can cause customers to question if they will have the same experience, and the same customer service as before. We had to make sure that the same, personalized journey customers had before the new identity was correctly implemented into the new one.

Will customers understand our process?

TSC has two very different styles of ordering: Request a Delivery, and Request a Quote. Both options are operationally different, but if not explained thoroughly, they could be misunderstood as interchangeable phrases on the website. We had to find a smart way to educate customers during the buying process on how the two ordering styles are different.


A new logo.

We brought a completely new direction to the logo and brand identity for TSC. Using their industry and most popular products to our advantage, we created a logo that would be easily recognizable to current customers, and gave new customers an insight into what type of business they are.

Updated colors, woot woot.

We eye-dropped the red from the old logo and played around with a few darker and lighter variants. What we found is a slightly lighter red from what they had in their old logo increased contrast ratios for the text on their new logo, and was more on-brand than a very vibrant, or very muted, red.