Case Study

Total Tastings

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About Total Tastings.

Founded in 2016, Total Tastings is a Missouri-based liquor promotions company that specializes in sales-oriented alcohol tastings. Unlike other liquor promotion companies in the country, Total Tastings prides itself on being a sales team, not a modeling agency. After seeing continuous growth in the industry, Total Tastings needed an online presence and a refined brand identity to drive awareness and gain new business leads.


How can we create a brand that combines a liquor brand and a sales team?

Total Tastings wanted to be different from the rest, and what brand doesn’t? The alcohol tastings industry is notorious for having very outdated branding and cheesy, salesey messaging. We had to find a way to combine key brand elements found in prominent liquor brands with the clear and impactful messaging a great sales team has.

How can we fix a messy customer journey?

Total Tastings had three end goals for the website: educate people on what they do, bring on new clients, and hire more people to their sales team. We had to discover a way to fit all three of these end goals into a single user-friendly experience without writing lengthy copy and adding in extra pages.


A sales team disguised as a liquor brand.

We didn’t want Total Tastings to fall into the industry standard that is alcohol marketing branding. So we did what we do best, and didn’t do that. We created a brand for them that has the same look and feel modern liquor brands have, paired with the strong and educational messaging top sales companies maintain.





An easy way to navigate the website.

We built a website experience that is easy to understand and purposeful in nature for Total Tastings’ users. Having their two distinct customer journeys displayed above the fold and at the bottom of the website allows users to choose their distinct path at different points throughout their journey.